Why is so hard to start something in life

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At my age (28), I know it sounds like an old guy says it, I have the feeling that I’ve tried everything. From trying to get the best environment for my family and to get big some personal projects. I FAILED so far.

It’s so darn hard. I have the feeling sometimes that I not good enough. I don’t work enough. I don’t struggle enough.

We took the decision to sell the land near the lake where our dream house would have been. I regret doing that but I don’t. I sold it for a lot of money. We won like

Write down my goals in life

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I’ve decided to write down my goals that I want to accomplish before I die. I want to do this so maybe I can get more motivated on achieving it

  • retire by 40
  • have 2 german shepherd
  • have my own house by 30
  • have a baby girl
  • build a niche website with $1000 / month in a half year
  • get a motorcycle

5 common mistakes niche website made by me

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes niche website. I thought this niche website will bring me some happiness in my life. I’m gonna type done only 5 mistakes I’ve made. Lets hope you can learn from my experience and don’t make the same mistakes I did on my niche website. By the way, I’m gonna reveal from the beginning what my niche website is about. I tried on bringing the cheapest keyword through my whole site and bought a domain name with those keywords. I don’t know if the cheapest it’s mistake on choosing it. Still, I have doubts that is

My wife keeps offending me

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I’m starting to get sick of all this offends my wife’s giving me for free. She gets upset for nothing in most of the situations. Here are some examples and you would let me know if this are reasons to get upset and start making your husband feel like sh*t.

This weekend wedding

This last Sunday we were invited to