I’ve made a lot of mistakes niche website. I thought this niche website will bring me some happiness in my life. I’m gonna type done only 5 mistakes I’ve made. Lets hope you can learn from my experience and don’t make the same mistakes I did on my niche website. By the way, I’m gonna reveal from the beginning what my niche website is about. I tried on bringing the cheapest keyword through my whole site and bought a domain name with those keywords. I don’t know if the cheapest it’s mistake on choosing it. Still, I have doubts that is a very general keyword and it will be hard to beat other websites.

5 mistakes niche website, I’ve made

Mistake no.1: Backlinks

As an excuse, I can say I didn’t know too many things about backlinks. I’m not sure this is an excuse, cause when I started making a niche website, I should have start researching more about it. I think this is the biggest mistake I’ve made on my niche website. Why? Well, Google loves to see other people linking your content. In their eyes, means that you’ve wrote down a very valuable and useful article for the audience.

I failed on making a list of websites that uses my keyword the cheapest, so I can reach to them and make a strong relationship for building backlinks.

As I got deeper in researching about backlinks, I’ve found out there are 2 ways on getting backlinks:

  • by paying others to put your link on their/others sites
  • the good way, let others decide (this is the hardest way)

I won’t go, on writing more about those stuff. There are a lot of articles about those out there. In my opinion, we should use 90% – white hat and 10% – PBN or paid links. That’s one of mistakes niche website, I’ve regret.

Mistake no.2: Time

mistakes niche website time

When I first started building my niche website, I said this would be easy for me as I’m a web developer. Well, NOT. It’s really hard to handle the time for your projects and for your clients. I’ve always told me, I’ll stick after work and do my own niche websites. Pretty hard to do that while you have a brain to keep healthy.

At some point, I started paying others to put content on my the cheapest niche website. I found a website which had some cheap writers. I wanted cheap because I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in this.  After all, I’m not 100% satisfied about this option.

I’m struggling hard to reduce time for my clients work with at least 1 hours so I can get to my niche websites. Sometimes I manage to achieve that and sometimes not. Still have to work on this part so it’s not anymore in my list of mistakes niche website.

Mistake no.3: SEO

I didn’t installed from start, YOAST. A wordpress plugin that helps you work a bit on your SEO content/keywords. Plus I would love to do more work on the coding part, but as I said above on mistake no.2, the time was pretty rough to me. That’s really ironic no? I’m a web dev and I can’t handle the code for my personal stuff, but I can for my clients projects.

I wanted to make a quick black hat SEO trick on the cheapest niche website, where I would populate a “shop” with duplicate products from amazon. That way I get lots o pages created and content. What stopped me is the duplicated content I was getting and the fact that there weren’t to be good conversion rates.

I can say I have a lot of researching made on SEO, but I never got a chance/time to put in in practice all. That’s a really sad thing for me and as well listed in category mistakes niche website.

Mistake no.4: Money Investment

Money can really save you some big time. If you have enough money to invest you should see any results pretty soon (note: still, it depends on how you spend it). Spend it wise and get well documented on what you’re about to invest. For e.g: if you’re buying backlinks, check on what domains the site will be listed so those domains aren’t banned, penalized by google.

I could easily invest some of my money in the niche website but sometimes I preferred to spend it on traveling or buying something nice for my family. I really don’t know if those were mistakes niche websites I would regret 100%.

The WORST from mistakes niche website is

I pretty sure you notice me using the keyword mistakes niche website in sentences. You’ll tell, that’s bad grammar thing, well please let me make an exception on that for now.

I have lot more of mistakes niche website to write down and I will probably continue it in another article. What you think about my mistakes made on the cheapest niche website ?