Hey, my name is ….

Oh, this is a private journal no? I won’t be telling my name. Just call me Will.

I won’t reveal real names in here because this journal will be TOO personal. And some persons will be offended, even my wife (I don’t want her to find out that I’m writing this online). She always told me: “never tell somebody about our family problems”. I agree with her. But I need to share and ask for some opinions, that’s why I’ll remain anonymous, so do my family. Only the actions will be real, the names are fictive.

I’ll tell you in general about my family.

Me (aka Will)

I’m a freelancer. I earn about 2k USD a month and I don’t think it’s enough. I don’t like money, but I want my family to have everything they want.

My wife (aka Jeana)

She’s the best wife in the world.  She is beautiful, kind, smart and an awesome mother. But like every woman, she has imperfections. I’ll talk about those imperfections in my journal.

My son (aka Mike)

He is my life. All the parents will say the same about their child. While I’m writing this he is almost 2 years old.


This is a very general presentation of my family and I hope you will start loving them by the time I’m gonna have 10000… articles.

Let the journal begin.