Beside my other personal posts, I thought I write an article that might help others that are in the same situation as I am. Ok, here is the thing I had in mind when I started my niche website.

Researching niche website

On each article you find on the internet you will get this advise: get a good niche. I read and read all this articles about finding the right niche but how I would know which it will be the right niche?. You’ll never know until you experience it.

I bought my niche domain on 07/03/2014. At this point the domain age is 2 years. But this doesn’t help me that much because for like a year and half I’ve abandoned the project and I didn’t worked on it at all (one mistake).

I’m not a writer

As you will notice among this posts or other posts on my site: I’m not a good writer. If you will look in my about section you will see that I’m a freelancer (web developer). So that’s the worst part about building a niche website. You don’t know how to write content, you’re screwed. From all my knowledge of SEO, the content is the most important thing on a website.

English isn’t my first language

Another problem it that English isn’t my first language. That can be hard for some persons but easy for others. As my motto of this site: “excuse my grammar”. I like to write in English but I don’t know how good my grammar skills are. According to a client of mine when I’ve asked him:

Please rate my English communication with you?

The first thing he had in mind

If you are gonna leave me to go and work on a company then it’s 1 out of 10, but if not, you are 9/10.

That rating he gave me, made me start writing in English. I know he probably gave that rate to make me feel better, but I’ll ignore that fact.

What big disadvantages I have

I know. But I still managed to get through. And with your internet resources our days you can go through any problems you have with your nice website (or personal). If needed it I can write about my solutions on the next posts, maybe will help somebody like me. One of my biggest advises I’ll give to you for now.

Be patient, work hard and never abandon your dreams.

I admit it, I don’t schedule too much time for my personal projects. I think this is one of my regrets, but I’m confident that I’ll change that.

Let me know

what’s your opinion about my writing skills? or do you want me to help you with some advises on your starting niche website?