Write down my goals in life

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I’ve decided to write down my goals that I want to accomplish before I die. I want to do this so maybe I can get more motivated on achieving it

  • retire by 40
  • have 2 german shepherd
  • have my own house by 30
  • have a baby girl
  • build a niche website with $1000 / month in a half year
  • get a motorcycle

Build your niche website without you writing the content (part 1)

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Beside my other personal posts, I thought I write an article that might help others that are in the same situation as I am. Ok, here is the thing I had in mind when I started my niche website.

Researching niche website

On each article you find on the internet you will get this advise: get a good niche. I read and read all this articles about finding the right niche but how I would know which it will be the right niche?.