That’s the question I always have in mind when a storm passes by. Will my lake house “live” ?

If you read my other posts, you should know that I’m still waiting to sign the papers for the land where the lake house will be built. That’s why, I keep asking myself that question. I’ve never been there (near the lake) when a storm passed by. I don’t know how the lake “acts”. Will the water lift and reach my lake house?

Quick answer

A really bad storm passed by the land about a week or two ago. I was really curious on what happened to the land. So I asked a friend that was in town to take a quick trip there and make some pictures/videos. I really wanted to see if the water from the lake reached the limit of the land.

I remembered I’ve asked my friend in the morning and he told me to wait until he finishes work. It felt like days for me. Finally, he sent me the photos. The water didn’t lift at all. I was: “yeey”, I will not have to worry about that in the future.

Why the water didn’t lift

  • the lake is way to big, it has like 173 acres
  • there is a place built by men where the water will go in case the lake lifts way to much
  • I think it will need like the severe storm to persist for one week so the lake lifts a little bit

That’s all I can think for now. But I’m sure I’ll find more reasons after I move out there.

Stop thinking about it

The best way to not get this thought on your mind: STOP thinking about a severe storm. You need to think positive, be optimistic. I know it’s hard not to think about your family safety or about the safety of your lake house. At least you can do for now, think less about it.