In the morning, we had to take Mike to give blood so we can see the medical exams results. Rough morning. I think it’s the first time I had to wake up my baby boy. Like he’s mother, he doesn’t like to be woke up. After we arrived at the clinic, we got to the reception and paid about $100 for the medical exams. Mike started crying, like any baby that sees the needle. Everything was over. To calm him down, we took him to see the puppy, his grandparents just got.

We wait…

for the results. They came in via email around 3 PM. I printed the results, got in the car and went quickly to the doctor’s office. She looked over and said that we need to give him antibiotics (not that good for a baby boy) but better than something worse. I think I’ve asked her like 2 times: “Should we be scared ? ” and she answered calm: “No, everything will be fine”. That was a release..

Mike just woke up from his midday sleep. He’s happy, energetic. He doesn’t look like a sick boy, but we still need to give him those darn antibiotics at 10 PM. I’m optimistic, he will be healthy again.


Well, I couldn’t work that much today. In the morning, I was with Mike, at noon I’ve looked over the internet for our future house. Yes, we will need to buy a house because I’m tired of paying rents. Back to work, I just had a 30 min talk at the phone with a lady from Google Adwords. Very nice lady, she explained me calm how to update my client’s account so our project to have more conversions.

Now I’m trying to put pressure on a friend who wanted to help me on a project. But he keeps delaying me. The deadline was 2 weeks ago. He has a big problem: he doesn’t answer your messages when he knows he didn’t anything. I hope he will this time otherwise I’ll be in big trouble. It’s a project that I’ve started in Aug 2015 and it’s not more than a month project.

I’ll end the day…

by going out and play football with my friends. Yeah, I do a bit of exercises sometimes but not enough.