So, I bought this land of 0.62 acres near a lake this summer.

If you don’t know, on my previous journal notes I wrote about the stage where I was in doubt of buying this (click here to read) because it was way over our budget. At this point  I don’t regret the decision we took.

Why I don’t regret it ?

Well, I still think it’s the best spot for our dream lake house, it’s enough space for everything and got it at a cheap price (like $25k). If you read the article from above you’ll see that, in there, I’m saying it’s expensive and we can’t afford it. But now, it was a cheap investment.

Yesterday, in my spare time, I start looking through the selling ads to see who else sales land near my area. Guess what, I found one guy that sells his land for like $30 / 107 square feet. And I was like: WHAT ? (I got my land for $10 / 107 square feet).

The price went so high because everybody start building there.

I’m rich

For the moment, I paused a bit and I really got in mind if I should sell it. But NO, I don’t care about the money, I love that place.

What would you have done?