My dream is about to become real.

This week was very productive. I’ve worked a lot for my clients, I even got double payment on one week and I barely reach a payment per week.

I think I got only in one fight with my wife and it’s an endless argument. It was about religion. I don’t want to start it here also because we all know, never talk about religion and politics. Those 2 never get to an end.

Anyway, the main purpose of this article.

We left Mike to his grandparents on Friday so we can get for a quick trip to our future home town. We want to move to another town because that’s what my wife wants. I didn’t agreed with her at the beginning but after this trip, I’m also starting to want to move.

Why? We found the most amazing place to build our house. It’s near a lake, the view is beautiful, it’s close to the city, the space it’s enough for our dream house. This is our first step on getting the dream real. There are a lot of things to do next: buy the place, talk to the bank, get in touch with the company that builds house, talk to an architect, paper work and I can continue.