I’ve been client for this bank for about 3 years and I paid a lot of fees to them.

Like you all know (if not, check the other posts), I want to build my dream lake house. So I went to my bank a while ago to ask them if they want to help me with a mortgage. Guess what !? They don’t want to recognize my revenue.

Why the bank doesn’t want to recognize my revenue?

Well, here is the thing: I’m Freelancer and I earn most of my money from foreign clients. Even I have contracts with my clients for an unlimited time, my bank says: “we can’t check on your ‘boss’ company as it’s not in our country”. Ok, I was super pissed on them because my revenues is way more than the average revenue my country has. I know, you all gonna say: “you have so big revenues why don’t you save some money and build yourself the lake house”. Well, I can’t. I’m the type of person which if he knows that he has debts, he will pay it. If not he(or his wife :P) will spend all of his money on useless things.

They aren’t the only bank

At first I was very angry but then I put in my mind: “Wait, they aren’t the only bank in this country”. So I sent emails to all the banks and asked them something like:

Who wants my money?

Very nice ladies start calling me,  who were trying to get me to be their client. One of them convince me to get to their office. So from my whole experience with the banks I said, let’s start with small steps. So I’ve asked them to make me a credit card. This will be a small proof that they recognize my revenue.

We’ll start talking about a mortgage by the beginning of the next year. Everything looks optimistic for now, I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. After I got my credit card, I went directly to my old bank and said to them something like that: “I found a bank who wants my money, b’bye and shut down my account”