I woke up this morning at 4 AM. My alarm clock was set on 6 AM. I woke up suddenly with this big idea of a project that might conquer the internet world wide. I think it will be next Facebook (haha).

I need to start researching for this. From a first search, nobody did this. But I need to dig more.

Set up the plan

As I’m a web developer, I think I can make this project myself. But I’ll need help on doing the apps for iphone/android (because it involves smartphones also). I don’t know what to do with my time. I don’t wanna quit on my clients, I wanna keep working for them but I want this project done. Most probably I’ll waste some of my family time to work 🙁 .


I’m so excited about this idea that I wanna start working right now at 4 AM but like I told above I need to get some work done for my clients, uf.

I already have in mind the

Steps for my startup project

  1. Write down what the project will do and how it will work
  2. Brainstorm on a name for this project
  3. Search for the framework that I’ll build the project on www
  4. Build a test environment
  5. Research for copyright stuff so nobody can steal this idea.
  6. Start setting up a lunch date
  7. Talk with guys who build android / iphone apps
  8. Advertising
  9. Search for money so I can invest in 7 and 8
  10. Still thinking if I need to search for a investor
  11. Lookup for a person who can build/check my English content as I’m not native American/British