A lot of things happened from my last note in my journal.

A summary for last week

We saw the land that was near the lake and like every thing in life, nothing is perfect. The land was too tight, very thighttt. It has the shape of a trapeze. The entrance had like 6 meters, the back 14 m and about 80 m long. Beside that, the owner wants more money than we thought it asked. Our decision got even harder.

With the recommendation of a friend, I’ve found a good architect and start talking with him about the land. He said it’s a beautiful place but it will be hard to build a house for that type of land, too tight. He advised us to get the papers of the land to see what the authorities allows to be build on that land and what’s the type of the ground.

New land

While we’re waiting for those papers, I continued searching for another land. I think I found the perfect one. The same area but on the other side of the lake. There are not a lot of houses build on the other side of the lake. I don’t think this is a big a problem. The land for our lake house is perfect, very big, a lot of space BUT too expensive. It doesn’t fit our budget. Like I said above, nothing is perfect in this life.

Next step in our searching process

We won’t give up, we’ll continue searching for the land where we’ll build the lake house. We’ll schedule in the near future another trip to that area to ask the locals if they know somebody that sells land near lake. Maybe there are lands for sale and they aren’t on internet. I even sent an email to the mayor of the village and asked if he knows something. That desperate I am.

I’ve got into the point were I had to search what are the

Advantages and disadvantages for living near a lake


  • fresh air
  • everywhere you look, it’s green
  • fishing (that’s one of my hobby)
  • quiet
  • lots of space to have different activities near the lake house
  • build a bridge


  • frogs and mosquitoes (but we can prevent that with the current technology/constructions)
  • chances of land slip (you can prevent this also: by planting lots of trees and making a good foundation of your house / yard)
  • get your kid everyday at school, there will be no school bus (I don’t mind driving a few minutes a day)
  • not to many people around (for now)


Among the discussion with land for our lake house, this week was very bad for work. I couldn’t work almost at all. At the start of the week I’ve got a flu and I’ve couldn’t concentrate on work. I was in a bad shape to work. My worst fear it wasn’t I can’t work, I feared I will give to my son Mike the flu. But the inevitable happened, he got sick too by the middle of the week. We started a treatment for him and it’s working. I think we will both be 100% healthy again by the start of the week.

Oh, big announcement

I’ve almost forgot. This week I’ve got my salary raised. Long story short: While I was drinking a beer it got through my mind:

Why I didn’t asked a bigger salary until now?

So the next day I’ve asked my client if she’s willing to raise it. And she did.