I’m starting to get sick of all this offends my wife’s giving me for free. She gets upset for nothing in most of the situations. Here are some examples and you would let me know if this are reasons to get upset and start making your husband feel like sh*t.

This weekend wedding

This last Sunday we were invited to a friends wedding. We arrived, we set on the table and after waiting like an hour for the other guests to come and fill the room, I wanted to put in a glass some ice and a bit of whiskey. The rage started:

“Oh oh, you’re an alcoholic, you’re drinking at each wedding, you can’t wait at least the food to come” and more

Let me mention, that this happened in front of my sister and her husband.  She made me look like the last guy on earth. Anyway, she ruined the whole wedding and I drank only Coca Cola and water that night so she can see how alcoholic I am.

My mother and sister came by

When my wife hears that some of our family came by she starts to panic.

“Go do the bed, clean up in the living room etc”

Dang, they are OUR FAMILY, they are OUR BLOOD. They know who we are, we lived once together, they know how hard is to keep a house clean, especially when you have a baby boy. Beside the fact she interrupted me from my work, she then starts to making me a jerk because one room (where my office is) I didn’t manage to clean it out and left by mistake the door opened. And our “guests” (mom and sis) could see the mess from that room. She gets upset and keeps repeating  that I’m jerk.

The best option to respond this “attacks”

I don’t know if this is the best, but I’m trying to ignore this stuff and I’m trying to keep my calm. I don’t wanna fight back, I wasn’t raised to behave that way. Don’t know, but sometimes I feel like I should fight back.

I’m too sensitive ?

I don’t know what to think. Is this normal? That’s how your beloved wife should treat his husband, that keeps this family alive and has everything?

What you’ve done if your partners treats you like this?