The budget for our lake house land

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As I told you on the previous post, we’ve found the perfect land for our lake house, but it doesn’t fit our budget. It’s hard to handle┬áthat amount of money but the land for the lake house is way to perfect and we don’t wanna lose it.


Because we fall in love for this land, I started getting money from all over the places into on spot, too see if we can afford it. When I said all over the places, I meant: parents, boss etc. And guess what? If you really want something you can have it. We managed to have all the money for our land without going to the bank.

Build your niche website without you writing the content (part 1)

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Beside my other personal posts, I thought I write an article that might help others that are in the same situation as I am. Ok, here is the thing I had in mind when I started my niche website.

Researching niche website

On each article you find on the internet you will get this advise: get a good niche. I read and read all this articles about finding the right niche but how I would know which it will be the right niche?.