After months of struggle and waiting for the paper to be ready, I finally own a land near a lake. My dream is starting to come true. But wait, there are more to come.

I’ll try to write down what the next steps are, so I have my dream lake house.

Get info papers

I will still have to make some trips to the town hall and other institutions to get out some informative papers about the land. Also I need to contact a specialist that will say how the ground is. How solid is the ground, on what height is the groundwater and my other details about the land near the lake. I might need all this because the land is near a lake and it might need extra measurements.

Talk to the architect

With all the info papers from above, I have to get to my architect. I already have a project in mind on how the house will look like. Here is the picture that hopefully will inspire me on having the dream lake house.


The goal is to have in the back of the house as many glass walls so the view to the lake gets you a smile every day you look outside. This project will suffer minor updates, but this will need the architect approval/opinion.

Go to the bank

I’ll have to make 2 trips to the bank. One, for a personal credit and second one for mortgage. With the personal credit I’ll pay a first construction  company to build my groundwork. And with the mortgage credit, I’ll get a second construction company that will get up the house (made from wood, that how I will like to be).

Other things

We all know, that isn’t that easy to get a lake house up. There are other things to do. I really want to say they are small things to do but they aren’t. They still need time and money. Here are the other things that will need to be done for a lake house:

  • cleaning the land: remove all wild trees, bushes, grass etc
  • flatting the ground (as it isn’t that flat)
  • put a fence
  • talk to the mayor to speed up the process on getting the electricity
  • set up something so the water from rain has where to go (in the lake)

That’s all I have in mind for now. Please let know what’s your thoughts about this and what else needs to be done near a lake house.

P.S. Oh, this is a personal note, I changed my car recently and I’m very happy about this new car.