I’ll try to write what I can remember of what happened today.
Today my wife and my boy woke up at 11 AM while I was having a coffee with my wife’s sister (Nina) in the kitchen. Don’t think at something stupid, we were waiting for them to wake up. Nina started telling stories about her┬ájob and how difficult it is. I believe her. But her job will disappear in the next few years. There are other services that are more quick and productive. I don’t want to be mean. Anyways…

We decided to get Mike to the doctor because he had a fever since Sunday. The fever went away, but his neck got inflated among with the fever and we started to get worried. This darn internet forums gets you scared when you read about the symptoms your kid has. My heart started beating. The doctor said we need to take some medical exams the next morning. And she is reserved. I have to tell you, that scared the s*** out of me.

Before we get to the doctor

I was sitting at my PC, working. Then my wife tells me she is scared. I try to calm her down and tell her she doesn’t have to worry, everything will be fine. That’s all I’ve said. Then I’ve continued my work. But…

From nowhere, she starts yelling at me:

You don’t care, you don’t talk with me, you’re sitting on your darn computer all day

What should I’ve talk with her, I’m scared as well. I’m afraid.

I’m stressed but I stay optimistic

I admit it: I couldn’t work for my clients because of all of this. But this got me to start launching my own private journal over the internet. Like I wrote in the About page: every human/animal, that I’m interacting with it, will have their name changed so I can’t be discovered. Because I’m gonna write everything that get’s through my mind. And some thoughts will offend some persons.

Mike will be OK !?

No? He will be. The medical exams will be good tomorrow right?



Do you know how many times I had to ALT+TAB (for who doesn’t know: change app windows) so my wife can’t see me that I’m writing here. This blog doesn’t need to be read by her or my friends. See you tomorrow.