As I told you on the previous post, we’ve found the perfect land for our lake house, but it doesn’t fit our budget. It’s hard to handle that amount of money but the land for the lake house is way to perfect and we don’t wanna lose it.


Because we fall in love for this land, I started getting money from all over the places into on spot, too see if we can afford it. When I said all over the places, I meant: parents, boss etc. And guess what? If you really want something you can have it. We managed to have all the money for our land without going to the bank.


I felt from the beginning that the price for the land it’s already way to low and I didn’t think I can negotiate for it. But what I had to lose. So I called the owner and start talking about money. She didn’t even want to hear about negotiating. I said to her:

You can leave $1000 away at least so I can pay the taxes for this transaction because you already have a big profit for this land.

(Long story short about that statement I made above: she bought the land for like $5k 10 years ago and she is selling it now with $25k. I think she could have leave it to $24k).

No luck. But at least I’ve tried. Beside that, I’m ok with the money now, when I know I can afford it, plus I love too much this land and I’ll give my last penny for it.

Schedule your debts

As I wrote above, I got some money from my wife’s parents (like $10k). We never talked in detail about when we’re gonna give back the money (I hope, I won’t regret this). But I’m planning to give all those $10k by the end of the year so by the start of the year I can start building the house. Luckily for me those are my only debts for now (I underlined that b/c you never know). Don’t know.. for some people that’s big amount of money, for others it isn’t, but I know for sure: for me it means a lot of work.

I’ve got another $3k from my boss. And I don’t think I’ll call those debts because I wont give back those money. My boss said, if I make 2 projects we’re even. And that was a deal. I schedule those projects for like 3-4 months to be dues. It will be hard to accomplish those beside the other projects that I have from the other client.

Our buget was $15k and now we’re taking a land that it’s worth $25. Don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I know for sure:

That’s where I can see myself in the future.