What happened over the weekend?

Saturday was a gaming day. If I didn’t told you, I bought last week a PS3 (didn’t afford right now the PS4). Some friends came over and we played the all day while the girls were chit chatting (what they like the most :P).

ps3Sunday was a family day. We went to my wife’s parents, while I drank some glasses of wine, Mike took his noon nap. After that we went to my parents, then home, where my sister with her husband and another couple came by. I stayed in the kitchen and made something to eat for our guests while the boys couldn’t resit to play a fifa on my Play Station.

Nothing much happened in this weekend, but it was a relaxing one.

Good start for the week

In the morning I’ve installed a new windows 10 plus the apps needed it, for one of my clients. After that, the rest of the medical exams of Mike came in and need it to go to the doctor to hear the final verdict. Mike is healthy but he needs to finish his treatment. I think like 2-3 days more and he’s done with the pills.

res_b489c0e90ea4338da23b93c5152fc53a_fullThe other surprise of the day. Long story short: I bought some expensive headphones 2 years ago and then my microphone stopped working. My warranty was expiring in March, perfect timing. I sent the headphones back to the shop last week. Today, they came back. Brand new headphones :D.

After all this, I still worked like 3-4 hours for my other client and it got late. I got some movies to watch tonight and I’m going straight to bed.