At my age (28), I know it sounds like an old guy says it, I have the feeling that I’ve tried everything. From trying to get the best environment for my family and to get big some personal projects. I FAILED so far.

It’s so darn hard. I have the feeling sometimes that I not good enough. I don’t work enough. I don’t struggle enough.

We took the decision to sell the land near the lake where our dream house would have been. I regret doing that but I don’t. I sold it for a lot of money. We won like 40.000 USD in less than a year for not doing anything. Anyway, I’ll talk more about that if I get the strength to write about it or if one of you asks me to. What I’m trying to say: We’re still living with rent.

On the other hand: my projects. I’ve invested, not much, for one year in one local project. I’m seeing some progress, but small steps. I’ll continue investing for another year.

While I’m writing this I’m thinking that the title of this note isn’t right. It should be:

Why is so hard to keep pursuing your dreams

Cause I’m getting bored quickly ?

Maybe I didn’t found the thing I like to do most.

Am I always thinking about money?

Don’t know… it’s hard


I’ll never quit.

Watching positive Youtubers

One of the reasons for keeping a positive thinking is cause of some youtubers. They always say wise things that helps you a lot in life. Two of my favorite positive youtubers are Roman Atwood and OffTheRanch . They both struggle. They both reached their dreams by hard work.

I don’t like drama, I don’t live negative things. You should always ignore those kind of videos, articles etc.

Negative thoughts will never give you pleasure and you won’t get anything out of it. It’s not worth it. I’m always telling my wife:

Why are you so mean? What do you get?

Nothing. Or worse, you’ll get back at you negative stuff that can affect your judgment.

I’m gonna continue working and smilling. Maybe someday, I’ll get what I want for my family and my professional career.

Ok, gotta end cause the family is near me and don’t want them to see what I wrote here :P.